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What can I say? Yes it’s been a while. A long while it seems where so much has happened to all of us that I cannot begin to figure out where to even begin. Suffice to say that I wish that anyone who is reading this blog is healthy and safe and well, surviving. We will get through this.

If you are reading this you will also see that we have re-designed our website a bit. We wanted to try and give a more definitive description of what we do and who we are. We’ve been around for a long time now and have witnessed and been a part of so many of the changes and upheavals the entertainment business has gone through. The many ways we now have to watch movies and TV shows have created a wealth of product to choose from. It seems as if a new streaming network is launched every week. Is there too much product for the consumer to watch? Guess that’s up to you, the viewer.

Covid 19 altered our lives in so many ways. Lives have been lost. Families have suffered. Businesses have closed. Infected people who suffered continue to have long lasting effects that continue to haunt them many months after recovery. In spite of this many continue to hold off from being vaccinated and are unwilling to help in the fight we all find ourselves in. People with medical afflictions aside I will never understand this. Nor will I ever forget.

Virgil Films continues to hold up its head in this every changing landscape by keeping an eye out and releasing thought provoking and entertaining films that we hope take you away from these problems and heartache. In the future these blogs will steer away from the current condition and instead focus on what we do and what is happening in the entertainment world round us. It will give me the chance to rant, to rave and also to applaud the world we work in. This blog will also take the time to look to the past, revisit legends who have gone and speak to the legacy they have left us.

I can’t wait.

Until next time…..”We’ll always have Paris.”

Joseph Amodei

Author Joseph Amodei

Joe Amodei is the Founder and President of Virgil Films & Entertainment. One of Virgil's recent releases is Elliott Murphy's and Emilio J. Ruiz's film Broken Poet, currently available as a Backstreets exclusive and featuring special appearances by Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa

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