Virgil Films & Entertainment was founded in 2003 by Joe Amodei to acquire, and distribute feature films, documentaries, and original episodic television series. Over the years Virgil has enjoyed partnerships with Sundance Channel Home Entertainment, National Geographic Cinema Ventures, Pure Flix Entertainment, Vancouver based Network Entertainment, Major League Baseball Productions, Morgan Spurlock’s Warrior Poets, OWN and other high-profile entertainment brands. Their feature films have been available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, AppleTV +, Hulu, Vudu, Google Play, HBO, Starz, Showtime and many other digital and TV networks. Virgil Films releases include the Oscar-nominated documentary Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me; the critically acclaimed best-selling Forks Over Knives; and the Oscar-nominated documentary Restrepo and its sequel Korengal. They have also released the entertaining I Am Chris Farley, I am Heath Ledger, Trafficked, Code Blue, Ruth and the holiday classic The Real Bedford Falls. Clarence Clemons, Who Do I Think I Am was their first in house production which followed their successful five-episode documentary series Happy Jail which was a co-production with Netflix.  Follow them on twitter: @virgilfilms


Virgil Films and Entertainment is a dynamic and forward-thinking company specializing in the distribution of independent films across various platforms. Our mission is to bridge the gap between talented filmmakers and eager audiences by providing unparalleled distribution services tailored to the unique needs of each project.

At Virgil Films, we understand the challenges faced by independent filmmakers in bringing their vision to the screen and getting their work seen by a wide audience. That’s why we offer comprehensive distribution solutions designed to maximize exposure and revenue potential for every film we represent.

Our team consists of industry veterans with extensive experience in film distribution, marketing, and sales. We leverage our relationships with key players in the industry, including theatrical exhibitors, streaming platforms, and international distributors, to secure the best possible distribution deals for our clients.

Whether it’s securing a theatrical release, negotiating licensing agreements with streaming services, or navigating the complexities of international distribution, Virgil Films is committed to helping independent filmmakers succeed. We provide personalized attention and guidance every step of the way, from acquisition and marketing strategy to release planning and revenue optimization.

In addition to our distribution services, Virgil Films offers sales representation, consulting and advisory services to filmmakers and content creators looking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the film and television industry. We provide insights and expertise to help our clients make informed decisions and position their content for success in today’s competitive marketplace.

With a passion for storytelling and a dedication to supporting independent voices, Virgil Films is your trusted partner for bringing exceptional films to audiences worldwide. Join us in celebrating the art of independent cinema and making a lasting impact on the world of film.


Through its relationships with the multiple streaming and cable TV sites Virgil Films can present your title as an Original Production to these accounts. This also includes films in development stage that are looking for financing.


Federal guidelines prohibit screening a film to an audience without purchasing a proper license first. Virgil Films will happily provide for you the opportunity to do so with a license to any of our films. Whether it is for a classroom, public performance at a theater or private venue, or online with a digital site license, our one-time community screening licenses will grant you the permission to host a screening to an audience for a reasonable fee.
For any inquiries please contact us directly at info@virgilfilmsent.com


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    Joseph Amodei

    Timothy Maggiani

    James Puleo
    Executive Director, Digital Distribution

    Kelly O’Brien
    Vice President, Operations

    Michael Meister
    Director, Acquisitions

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    "Drama is life with the dull bits cut out."

    Alfred Hitchcock