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November Film Releases

By October 28, 2016November 17th, 2016News
THEY GROW UP FAST With the birth of his first child, Independent filmmaker Darren Doane picked up his camera and began documenting the process of becoming a family. Ten years in the making, THEY GROW UP FAST is a profound and entertaining documentary for the entire family. From mud puddles and family road trips to backyard parties and the birth of their third child in the front seat of their truck, Doane captures all the amazing adventures one has becoming a family. Good friend and best selling author ND Wilson crafted the script and brought new eyes to what it means to be a father and mother and the high calling of faithful parenting. THEY GROW UP FAST will entertain kids and inspire parents as they travel along with the Doanes on their grand adventure of growing as a family. Available 11/1/2016 on iTunes & Amazon & DVD 

CHRISTMAS RANCH Strong-willed but moody teenager Lizzy is sent to live on her grandmother’s ranch after an incident at school gets her suspended. Her parents are optimistic that the new atmosphere and laid-back lifestyle in the country will help bring her a more peaceful existence. Although reticent at first, Lizzy finally starts to unwind with the help of a nameless pony whom she calls Hope, one of the last remaining animals on the ranch. A sick horse and not eating properly, Hope responds to Lizzy who vows to learn everything she can to try and help nurse him back to health. One day while looking through the mail, Lizzy learns the unfortunate news that the ranch is about to be foreclosed. Not wanting to end her newly found friendship, she devises a plan that will not only save her grandmother’s property but also help Hope in the process. Christmas Ranch is a heart-warming story that shows what the power of love and family can do. It is a film about redemption, faith, fighting for your beliefs, and of course, hope!

 Available 11/15/2016 on iTunes & Amazon


ISRAEL THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASSThe greatest weapon Israel’s advocates have is the truth. Darkness cannot exist in the light. That’s why Christians United for Israel produced Israel Through the Looking Glass, a movie that confronts the accusations against Israel with the reality on the ground. Witness with your own eyes and ears the contrast between Israel’s accusers and the true stories you’ve never heard.

Available 11/15/2016 on iTunes & Amazon

THE HOLLYWOOD SHORTIESTHE HOLLYWOOD SHORTIES is a documentary on the birth of organized sports in the American dwarf community. Beginning in the 1950s and rising to prominence in the 1980s, the Hollywood Shorties were a basketball team, the first of their kind and unique in the history of dwarf athletics. Formed from an insular community of recognizable-but-typecast actors in—wait for it—Hollywood, the team began simply as a rare outlet for little people to gather publicly. As the team’s athletic skill increased, so did its membership and so too its popularity. By the early 1980s, the Shorties had created a niche in entertainment akin to the Harlem Globetrotters, playing exhibitions from Gladstone High to the Fabulous Forum with their signature blend of comedy and basketball prowess. Simultaneously, they found themselves the vanguard of a revolutionary movement to bring little people into the public eye as something other than objects of curiosity. But, in a bittersweet turn, the very popularity that the Shorties singlehandedly created would eventually phase the team out of the sport they pioneered. But their legacy stands without peer and is recounted here by original team members and the generation they inspired.

Available 11/22/2016 on iTunes & Amazon

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