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October 2016 Film Releases

By September 30, 2016November 17th, 2016News

IT’S A ROCKABILLY WORLD – Rockabilly is a subculture whose members operate as if they are living in the 1950’s. From the music to the tattoos, pin up girls, hot rod cars and vintage fashion, Rockabillies write their own rules. They will tell you that the lifestyle has changed their lives…forever. “It’s a Rockabilly World” pulls back the curtain with interviews with some of the most colorful Kats and Kittens in the subculture. Rockabillies don’t fit the norm. They live in their own world. And… “It’s a Rockabilly World!” Available 10/4/2016 on iTunes & Amazon & DVD

THE HUNTING OF THE PRESIDENT REDUX– is an almost complete remake of Harry Thomason and Nickolas Perry’s stunning, incendiary, highly acclaimed original film based on the best selling book by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons. Filled with new information and completely re-edited, it offers an inside glimpse into how we got here. It explores all of the previous myths, along with revealing various new myths currently being perpetrated, in what has become a twenty-five year campaign to destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton. You will hear startling new revelations from people opposing Clinton in his first run for the presidency who soon realized that the extreme right was not only out to destroy the Clintons but didn’t care if democracy itself were destroyed! These “destroyers of the truth,” are laced with new diabolical lies and disinformation funded by dark, nihilistic and un-American power centers who remain resolute in their continuing effort to malign and destroy the current political world and especially Hillary Clinton. So the question for Americans is not only “How did we get here?” — but also, “When will it end?”  Available 10/4/2016 on iTunes & Amazon

THE MISSING INGREDIENT: WHAT IS THE RECIPE FOR SUCCESS? – For nearly 20 years, Pescatore was a neighborhood mainstay, packed night after night. But times have changed. Increased competition from glitzy new restaurants that have popped up all around Pescatore have drained away many of its customers. Determined to save his business, Restaurateur Charles Devigne embarks on a major renovation, hiring a designer to help him achieve his vision. But Charles wants to do more than just compete. He wants to put Pescatore on the map. And in doing so he makes the controversial decision to put up the prancing zebra wallpaper made world-famous by the recently shuttered Upper East Side institution Gino of Capri (Gino’s). Michael Sparaga’s film goes beyond examining this controversy to discuss how diners feel about their beloved restaurants, their memories of not only the food but also their emotional attachments to the restaurants’ ambiance, owners and décor. Available 10/11/2016 on iTunes & Amazon

MORPHINE JOURNEY OF DREAMS – The band Morphine blazed like a comet across the global music scene in the 1990s with its innovative “Low Rock” sound. Fronted by two-string assist/ vocalist/ songwriter Mark Sandman, the trio rose from local Boston clubs to indie and major label record deals, international touring, and wide critical acclaim until their tragic and untimely demise in 1999. In “Morphine: Journey of Dreams,” the group’s surviving members and associates tell their story intercut with passages from saxophonist Dana Colley’s vivid tour journals. Rare live performances from throughout their career woven into the story display why their unique and mesmeric sound continues to resonate with music lovers today. This artfully delivered documentary doesn’t just get behind but rather inside the music and the soul of the group to honor Morphine’s notable artistic achievements and the creative bond the musicians shared.   Available 10/18/2016 on iTunes & Amazon 

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