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Morgan Spurlock Presents: BECOMING BULLETPROOF – Press Release

By January 26, 2016October 21st, 2016Press Releases


Morgan Spurlock Presents:


The Acclaimed and Heartfelt Film That Celebrates the Power of Artistic Creation Comes to Digital Download, VOD and DVD From Virgil Films in February


New York, NY (January 26, 2016) A diverse group of people overcome a range of challenges to unite and create a lasting work of cinematic art in the remarkable, award-winning new film BECOMING BULLETPROOF. The crowd-pleasing film has received an outpouring of support by countless high profile names including Benjamin Bratt, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ted Danson, David de Rothschild, Graham Hill and many others. Receiving a release under the “Morgan Spurlock Presents” banner, BECOMING BULLETPROOF arrives on digital download, VOD and DVD from Virgil Films on February 23, 2016.

BECOMING BULLETPROOF, the feature directorial debut of Michael Barnett, documents the making of an original Western film called Bulletproof – a costume drama that features actors with and without disabilities. This dedicated group meets every year at Zeno Mountain Farm in Vermont to write, produce and star in original short films. Founded by two brothers and their wives, Zeno Mountain Farm’s philosophy is to create a truly inclusive community that builds genuine friendships that transcend stigma and stereotypes. For them, their films aren’t about making a statement; as one participant says, “It’s all about making awesome movies.”

Inside the whirlwind filmmaking process of mastering lines, pushing through take after take and grappling with high expectations, BECOMING BULLETPROOF chronicles the genesis of a riveting film and a personally and socially transformative experience. The film captures the essence of artistic expression through vibrant human bonds and powerful insights. As one of the actors says: “I do not want pity because I have a disability, I just want to be understood. I want disability to have a seat at the table in pop culture.”

Said Screen Daily: “A documentary about the making of a Western by a group of filmmakers and actors living with disability has taken the U.S. festival circuit by storm, winning numerous awards and acclaim.” The film has won awards at more than a dozen film festivals, including the Cleveland International Film Festival, the Heartland Film Festival, the New Hampshire Film Festival, the Hollywood Film Festival, the Vail Film Festival and Wisconsin’s Beloit International Film Festival.

The Los Angeles Times’ Michael Rechtshaffen said, “The deeply moving documentary, which chronicles the production of a short film featuring people with disabilities, quietly blasts away all stigma and preconceived notions.” Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter said the film “is as enjoyable as it is inspiring.” “BECOMING BULLETPROOF compels its audiences to think differently about disability,” wrote Mary O’Hara of The Guardian. “This is an absolute must-see film,” said D. Schwartz of CineSource. “If you want to see real courage,” wrote Ken Jaworowski in The New York Times, “[i]t’s in this documentary.”

The “Morgan Spurlock Presents” brand was created by Joe Amodei’s Virgil Films, Oscar-nominated Super Size Me director Spurlock and Richard Abramowitz’s independent distribution company Abramorama to bring to audiences unique nonfiction films that might otherwise be overlooked.


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Daniela Sapkar

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DVD, Digital, VOD release: February XX, 2016
Running time: 82 minutes
Not rated

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