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New From Virgil – August 2013

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From Focus Features, the premiere global brand in original and daring cinema, comes Focus World. Charged with finding the most exciting voices in international and independent film, Focus World is proud to present THE DEEP from director Baltasar Kormákur (‘Contraband’). Based on the astonishing true story story of survival and human endurance, The Deep fashions a modern-day everyman myth about the unlikely sole survivor of a tragic local shipwreck, whose superhuman will to survive made him both an inexplicable scientific phenomenon and a genuine national hero.

ON DVD 8/13/13 Trailer here





Kang Tae-sik, a former cop who was once the best man on the force, is now an infamous private detective who handles all kinds of dirty work from catching philanderers to collecting people’s debts. Kang is the man to go to when in need and he never slips up on the job. But one day, Kang takes on a job that requires him to collect evidence in an adultery case. He arrives at the hotel room and as usual he gets ready to catch two people in the act, but instead he finds himself looking over a dead woman’s body. He grasps the magnitude of his problem when he sees a recorded video of the actual murder on a television monitor and realizes that all the evidence, fingerprints and CCTV cameras would pinpoint him as the murderer.

Available on Digital Download 8/13/13 Trailer here



You’ll see the rest, now watch the first. Justin Long stars in the first biopic of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Also starring Jorge Garcia, James Urbaniak, and Michaela Watkins.

iSteve is a Funny or Die Production.

Available on Netflix 8/15/13 Trailer here







Sun-young is a popular radio DJ for a cinema music program that is aired live at midnight. She is a perfectionist who has built a successful career for the past 5 years, but when her young daughter needs a surgical operation overseas, the single-mom decides to quit. She prepares for her final show from song selections down to the smallest details. During the show, she receives a call from a listener named Dong-soo. He tells her that she must follow his orders while she hosts her live radio show, or her family’s lives will be at stake, and threatens that she can’t tell anyone. Without knowing what he wants or why this is happening to her, she continues her 2-hour radio program as the situation quickly escalates.

Available on Digital Download 8/27/13 Trailer here 



Erik Myers is a fast-paced, high-energy comedian with a machine gun delivery that barely gives the audience a chance to catch their breath. He began comedy twelve years ago in Baltimore, Maryland and has since been touring all over the country, exciting crowds with his unique brand of upbeat lovable humor. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the business and his crowd pleasing act is definitely a must see!

Available on Digital Download 8/27/13 Trailer here



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